‘Imaging the Sacred’: Missoula Art Museum shares creators’ spiritual notions

SIERRA CISTONE for the Missoulian

One of the Missoula Art Museum’s newest exhibits is called “Imaging the Sacred” and it features the work of four women based mostly out of western Montana — Birdie Hall, Talia Roberts, Daphne Sweet and April Werle.

The exhibit centers around the exploration of spirituality and how it can be represented through visual art. Yet even under this universal theme, each artist’s work is strikingly unique and carries its own ideas about what spirituality means to the artist.

Brandon Reintjes, senior curator for the museum, said that the artists had a strong influence in helping him figure out what the show would be about. Once the title was settled on, each artist began creating work that would be specific for the show.

Fly back in time with these aerial scenes from Missoula’s past.

“You have to pick the right artists,” Reintjes said. “But you also have to trust the artists that they are going to … have the ability and competency to fit the theme. So that’s something that MAM really prides itself on — picking artists and trusting artists.”

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