I’m Not Anti-Vaccine. I’m Pro Questions.

Let me start with the obligatory disclaimer: I’m not against you or anyone else getting a COVID shot.  This is not a column to dissuade you, judge you, or impugn you if you have, will, want to, or won’t get the shot.  I’m just a guy who watches and comments on the news for a living and I have questions that haven’t been satisfactorily answered to my understanding.  

Now, may I continue without being turned over to Jen Psaki’s Ministry of Truth in violation of the misinformation codes?

How can anyone from your neighbor to officials in the Biden administration talk about this pandemic while completely ignoring the southern border?  But they sure are.  Constant harping on the rapid spread of a new variant and the irresponsibility of those who won’t get the shot, but never once acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated pouring across our borders illegally every month?

These people are arriving not only unvaccinated against COVID, but it’s safe to assume unscreened for a whole host of maladies from whooping cough to head lice.  The government then scatters them like a handful of grass seed across the lower forty-eight states and we’re all supposed to pretend

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