I’m a mom and a teacher who was fired after voicing concerns for my own kids

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I’ve always wanted to set a good example for my three boys—for them to say I practiced what I preached. I didn’t even mind making an “enemy” along the way if it meant, as Winston Churchill said, that that’s a sign you’ve “stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I just didn’t know that doing so would cost me my job—that the people I had served and worked alongside for years wouldn’t welcome a conversation with me.

When my husband and I first moved to Richmond Hill, Georgia, we jumped in with both feet to serve wherever was needed at Bryan County Schools, where our kids attended. Naturally, we wanted the best education for them, and that meant doing what we could to support the teachers and staff—we had a stake in helping make those classrooms shine. I bought supplies, volunteered for The Miler Club, clocking kids’ miles and cheering them on, and sold ice cream to raise money for the school. I also nominated multiple teachers for WTOC’s Top Teacher, an esteemed recognition from Savannah’s TV station, and was delighted to see my second grader’s teacher win.

I loved being a volunteer mom

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