If you're denying yourself the love of a new pet after a loss, please reconsider in 2022

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I wonder if he’s even breathing. 

That was my thought on a mid-December Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. It was 5:45 a.m. and Percy, our 11-week-old Vizsla puppy, hadn’t stirred in hours. That was quite unusual. 


I got up and went to where he sleeps on the floor next to my husband Peter’s side of the bed. I reached down and felt Percy’s head. It was all wet. He was all wet. The bed was all wet.

Oh no, I thought, he’s peed in his bed. I woke Peter. We got him outside for a wee and cleaned him up. I took him back to bed with me while I read to work on this annual year-end column. 

Percy Vizsla with some of his toys (Courtesy Dana Perino)

Percy was so sleepy — like he’d been out all night at Club Canine. Soon, I felt wetness through my pajamas. And I realized — he’s not wetting the bed. He’s drooling in his sleep. A lot. That’s a sign of distress in a dog.

I rushed him downstairs and set him down. His legs buckled. I picked him up

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