If Roe Goes Down, Extremes On Both Sides Will Continue To Demagogue The Abortion Debate

Notwithstanding leftist histrionics and right-wing gloating following news of the potential demise of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that literally took abortion law into its own hands and invented a Constitutional “right” out of thin air, the issue is far more complicated than the extremes on either side would suggest. 

To rational people who take a step back and actually think about the issue, the decision on whether and/or to what extent to allow abortions should be left to the states and the electorate, not to unelected judges. In other words, it’s hard to deny that the demise of Roe would be a boon for actual democracy and self governance.

In a sane world, most would agree on that basic fundamental principle. Some blue states will allow abortions up to and even immediately after birth, while some red states will ban it in almost every circumstance and stage of development. That’s federalism, and in the end that might be the only thing that holds the United States together, if by a string. But it doesn’t make extreme laws on both sides workable in the long-term, nor does it make them agreeable to the vast majority of Americans.


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