If Biden wants to win in 2024 this is the surprising strategy he’ll use

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Joe Biden is frantically cleaning house.

No, he’s not firing any of the incompetent ideologues in his cabinet. Biden hasn’t dismissed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, a once-respected economist who now shills full-time for her boss’ out-of-control spending, though he should have. Yellen was blindsided by “transitory” inflation and also by obvious signs our banks were in trouble. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Banks failed on her watch; Americans will pay the price in higher inflation (because the Fed now has one hand tied behind its back) and slower growth for longer. Bravo, Yellen.

Transportation Czar Pete Buttigieg prioritizes fake emergencies (not enough white construction workers) over real ones like the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, but still has his job. As does Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Secretary, who told Congress our border was secure when it wasn’t and has allowed 6 million people to enter our country illegally. 

Remarkably, Jennifer Granholm is still Energy Secretary, even though she recently praised China, worst polluter on the planet, for their energy policies and encouraged the U.S. to “learn from” Beijing. Yes, we should study how to build coal-fired power plants as fast as humanly possible. 

Antony Blinken remains

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