Idaho murders: 5 key pieces of evidence against Bryan Kohberger

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He is still only the accused – and must be considered innocent until proven guilty. But the case against Bryan Kohberger for the Idaho quadruple homicide appears strong.  

There remains much we don’t know and there is much more investigation, and evidence, to come. But with the recent release of the arrest warrant affidavit, here’s how the prosecution’s evidence is stacking up.

The knife sheath DNA

Currently, this is the only evidence that is direct and not circumstantial. In the absence of the knife itself, having a sheath that matches to the same knife that caused the wounds (a fact which will need to be demonstrated), found literally beside the body of one of the victims, is going to be tough to refute.

Yes, as some have proposed, Kohberger could contend that someone stole or found his knife. Aside from being far-fetched, this is unlikely to persuade because this hypothetical person’s handling of the Ka-Bar – through gripping, sweating, and perhaps even shedding his own blood – before and during the attacks would likely have obfuscated any DNA of Kohberger’s. It is significant that the affidavit pointedly states that only “a single source of male

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