I won my religious freedom suit, now I want to get back to coaching and winning on the field

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Just a few weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that Bremerton School District violated my constitutional rights, some wonder why I’m not back on the field yet. I am still committed getting back on the field as soon as the district court finalizes my reinstatement. However, the district seems intent on stonewalling. 

My lawyers have been trying to wrap up all the legal stuff with the school district. I’ve specifically asked them to do whatever they can to bring my case to a successful conclusion that will help our community heal. I know this has been hard on my friends and family in Bremerton. My hope has been to return to the sidelines with as little fanfare and negative impact on our team as possible. New coaches usually transition to a team in the spring. That seemed more sensible than trying to parachute in just as the season is beginning. It would give time for all of us to reacquaint ourselves and develop relationships with the kids I would be coaching.  

In order to make that happen, either we can work it out across the table, or a judge can order the district to take me

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