I was a school dropout, but we just won $500,000 for giving students like me a second chance

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It was a chilly morning in Montana 1998, and I was finally going home. I had spent last 18 months at a “therapeutic” boarding school after a few stints in jails and wilderness programs. But instead of conveniently flying home, I was told I’d be taking a multi-day, Greyhound bus home, alone, and with very little cash. It was a last boarding school lesson I needed.

I thought a lot on that long cross-country journey about how badly broken “the system” for kids like me who made mistakes or who simply learned differently. This experience steeled me for the work I do now for students in need—for students who are like I was. 

I joined Oakmont Education to find and support students who have dropped out to recover their education with individualized, hands-on learning, and skills-based job training. We recognize that dropouts don’t lose their potential to contribute simply because they dropped out of school. Oakmont offers dropouts a second chance at education—at lifelong learning. Ultimately, our number one goal is to restore a student’s capacity to hope, to provide pathways to the middle class, and to address the current worker shortage problem impacting

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