I Was a Montana COVID Breakthrough Case. Here is My Experience

My story today is a little different than most of the articles I typically write. I’m sharing something fairly personal with you, and I’ve waited over a week to write it. I’m hesitant even now to share, considering how ridiculously controversial COVID debates have become. I’m a long-time Montana resident (Laurel), family guy, and I’m now a COVID-19 “breakthrough” case.

Credit: RoMiEgMy family has been so careful… and COVID still hit our household.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we followed all of the recommended protocols. Last year we opted for remote-learning. We limited contact with crowds, restaurants and large gatherings. We have family members and a child who are considered “high risk” for developing severe complications from COVID, and my wife and I did whatever we could to limit exposing them to COVID. Even if the virus didn’t kill me, I didn’t want to be the one to spread it to someone it could.

We chose to trust the recommendations from our medical providers, and were able to get the vaccine early last spring. Various pre-existing medical conditions qualified four of our age 16+ family members to get the Pfizer shots in late February/March.

As springtime rolled into Montana, we were optimistic. I understood the vaccine is not some magical

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