‘I was a little shocked’: Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair comes to Helena

Nearly 200 people brought family treasures to an event at the Holter Museum in the hopes of finding out their true worth.

Timothy Gordon, right, and Grant Zahajko appraise the Keystone Brothers Silver Parade Saddle for $150,000 in Helena.

Gary Marshall, BMGphotos.com

The day consisted mostly of folks with paintings, swords, masks, textiles, toys and baseball cards, said Zachary Coe, community outreach manager with the Foundation for Montana History, which hosted the event.

Professional appraiser Timothy Gordon, center, valued a Charles M. Russell sketch at $27,500 during the Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair sponsored by the Foundation for Montana History on Saturday at the Holter Museum.

Gary Marshall, BMGphotos.com

And there was a surprise or two.

Coe said those surprises included a Knights of Pythias sword at one time belonging to copper king William A. Clark that was valued at $20,000-$40,000.

He said its owner had kept the sword concealed and then unveiled it for the crowd.

“I was blown away,” Coe said. “I thought it was spectacular

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