I was a college soccer team captain and I want the Supreme Court to save women’s chance to succeed in sports

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Earlier this month, TIME magazine named U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe a 2023 “Woman of the Year.” Rapinoe certainly invites controversy, but I admire her amazing skills and share her love of the “beautiful game.” 
This beautiful game was like the air I breathed growing up. I first kicked a soccer ball at age 3, and soon enough I was playing pick-up soccer games with my brothers. By the end of high school, I’d made it to state championships twice and dreamed of playing in college. A soccer scholarship from West Virginia State University made that possible. 
While I was playing at WVSU, I started hearing stories about male athletes competing in female sports. Elite high school track athletes in Connecticut were losing out on dozens of opportunities to compete and medal because their state athletic association had changed the rules, allowing boys to compete on girls’ teams if they identified as female. I discovered the trend wasn’t limited to high school or Connecticut. I was appalled to see females sidelined in their own sport and impressed by their courageous fight for fairness. 


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