I was a bodybuilder who almost died from a heart attack: What I learned after saved my life

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As a former competitive bodybuilder, who trained hard well into my mid-40s, I have spent most of my life feeling and looking pretty good. Besides battling a brief opiate addiction in my late 40s, which I overcame by the grace of God, I led what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. 

But my world was rocked at 57, when I had a massive heart attack right in the middle of the gym.

In 2018 my wife, Mia, and I were living a good clean healthy lifestyle – exercising together five or six days a week. Mia was a vegetarian, and though I supported that, as a former bodybuilder, I believed I needed animal protein to hold muscle size and strength. I was training hard and eating pretty much what I wanted. I still felt great, and looked pretty decent on the outside as well.

We were also pursuing Mia’s God-given dream of opening a plant-based, faith-based café in our community – a place where people could get great, healthy food while being spiritually fed, too. Revelations Café was in its final build-out phase, and I could not get onboard with the menu – why own

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