I spoke at UC Davis about politics. Leftists responded with lies and attacks but said my words were violence

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If you wanted to encapsulate the hypocrisy and tyranny of the modern left into a single rule, you could do far worse than this one: To the left, all opposing speech is “violence,” while their violence, even at its most unhinged, depraved, or ridiculous, is merely “speech.”

In nearly a decade of campus speeches I’ve seen this play out again and again, but my appearance this week at the University of California-Davis might have been the most jarring instance of it yet.

Before I even arrived in Yolo County, the event was preceded by wild and hysterical lies about my beliefs and the things I have said. Professor Joshua Clover claimed my group, Turning Point USA, threatens “direct violence” against professors, with a “special focus” on non-white faculty. 

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk speaks at UC Davis on March 14, 2023. (KTXL)

This is a lie, but it’s a lie that Clover has to tell, because Clover himself proudly thinks that American police officers “need to be killed.” In his op-ed attacking me, he wrote that it was “time to teach Charlie Kirk a lesson,” by which he meant “chasing [him] off campus” or

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