'I saw death and destruction': Passenger recalls train crash

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People work at the scene of an Amtrak train derailment on Saturday in north-central Montana. Three people died and dozens of others were injured when the train that runs between Seattle and Chicago derailed.


HELENA, Mont. — An Oregon man said he survived a recent train derailment in Montana by holding onto a grab bar in the bathroom of a passenger car that ended up on its side and separated from the rest of the train.

“I was on the left side (of the train car) and looking down at the ground,” Justin Ruddell, of Klamath Falls, said Thursday. “The outside door was peeled open and the bathroom door, the lock failed for whatever reason, and it flew open.”

Ruddell said he could see all the gravel and dirt outside getting scooped up into the car as it was skidding down the side of the tracks.

“If I would have let go, I would have fell down and out that door and got crushed by

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