I love AI because it will add decades to our lives

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Who’s afraid of AI? These days, just about everybody. AI, ChatGPT and the like are coming for our jobs and will destroy our way of life, the doomsayers tell us. 

The mood is utterly different in health care, where cutting-edge physicians recognize the potential of AI to add decades to our lives and to fix the catastrophic “sick care” system, not just in the United States, but around the world. 

My life expectancy – and yours – is only going up, thanks to AI. Here’s how and why.

With the democratization of precision medicine, society will shift from a mentality that says, “I’m sick and I need treatment” to “I’m healthy and I want to stay that way.” (iStock)

We don’t really have a health care system. Instead, we wait for people to be practically at death’s door before we start to treat them. That’s because by the time most potentially fatal illnesses – those affecting the heart, the lungs, the brain and the digestive system – reveal themselves, they are too far gone to be healed. 


As a result, we spend vast sums on hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceuticals trying to

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