I know firsthand how much right to work matters. Don’t repeal it, Michigan

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Michigan Democrats are rapidly moving to repeal our state’s right-to-work law, with the state House voting to do so on March 8th. As a longtime advocate for Michigan families and job creators, I can hardly imagine a more foolish path. Repealing right to work will send a message that our state is closed for business, and workers and families will suffer from lower wages, higher poverty, and above all else, less freedom.

Michigan should be doubling down on pro-growth policies like right to work, not rolling back the progress we’ve made. And if repeal succeeds, it will surely provoke a strong response. Michigan businesses and families will push for a ballot initiative to bring back right to work. Given how overwhelmingly popular the law is, our politicians should be worried about wasting time on an ultimately doomed effort.

What’s happening in Michigan is the direct result of the November elections. Democrats won control of the legislature for the first time in nearly four decades, and with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also winning re-election, they immediately made clear their intention to get rid of right to work – despite hardly mentioning it in their campaigns. 


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