HUPFER: ‘Freedom To Vote’ Act? More Like Freedom To Cheat Act

Earlier this year, Democrats tried — and failed — to advance H.R. 1, a federal takeover of state elections. But they’re back at it again, this time with the so-called Freedom to Vote Act. Considering the contents of their radical proposal, a more accurate name would be the “Freedom to Cheat Act.”

Despite Democrat attempts to spin their latest voting bill as a “compromise,” in truth, it’s as radical as ever. It’s designed to thwart election integrity, manipulate state redistricting decisions and slant elections to help Democrats win.

The Freedom to Cheat Act would eviscerate commonsense state voter ID laws passed in 36 states, instead requiring only that a third person attests that a voter is who they claim to be. It would force 37 states to adopt automatic voter registration on short notice. In the past, such efforts have led to illegal immigrants being registered as well as massive registration errors. Additionally, 29 states would be forced to adopt same-day voter registration, making it easier to commit voter fraud by giving election workers no time to verify a person’s eligibility. On top of that, it would force states to let violent felons vote in federal elections as soon as they are out of prison — even if they have not completed all the terms of their sentence.

Far from an altruistic effort to “strengthen our democracy,”

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