Hunter’s ‘Love Child’ and Conservative Madness

Right-wingers (and The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) are browbeating President Biden for not embracing his son Hunter’s illegitimate child — the result of drug-crazed, unprotected sex with a stripper.

Conservatives are so enjoying bashing the president that they’re taking a strikingly unconservative position. We don’t believe in polyamorous three-person “families” or “Heather Has Two Mommies” or “Junior, meet your half-brother from Daddy’s unprotected sex outside of marriage!”

We’re the ones who believe that marriage means something. (Thus, our opposition to gay marriage.) Ideally, a man wouldn’t have any “parental rights” to a kid he fathered unless he’s married to the mother, and she wouldn’t get access to the sperm-donor’s bank account unless she’s married to him.

But the law has come a long way from such straightforward rules, so, yeah, Hunter is going to have to pay up — and I hope he has to pay through the nose, pay so much that it hurts. But the idea that a crack-fueled roll in the hay entitles the mother to be treated like an honored member of the family is absurd.

What are conservatives and Dowd imagining exactly? That the stripper — accompanying the 4-year-old child — should be invited to Biden family

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