Hunter numbers remain low at Augusta check station

GREAT FALLS – The overall harvest as well as the number of hunters checked continues to remain well below average at Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 4 check station in Augusta.

Through Sunday Nov. 20, more than 1,700 hunters have been checked through the station, which is about one-third below the recent average. Although hunter numbers are down substantially, hunter success remains at or above the recent average, demonstrating that hunting and harvest opportunity exists for those hunters who are willing to put in the effort in and around the Augusta area.

The overall harvest of big game animals also remains at about 30% below recent average, but is still an improvement over this time last year. A total of 446 big game animals have been checked so far this season, 95% of which are deer and elk.

Mule and white-tailed deer continue to be the dominant animals in the harvest tally, amounting to just over 60% of the total big game checked. However, mule and whitetail harvest remain at 33% and 23%, below recent average respectively. As is normally the case, buck harvest comprises a large proportion of the total

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