Hunter Biden guilty on all counts. What we just learned about smoke, mirrors and privilege

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The facts were simple, the law was clear, and the evidence of guilt can only be described as overwhelming.

The only surprise is that it took jurors more than five minutes to convict Hunter Biden on all three gun charges that he faced in a federal courtroom in Wilmington, Delaware. In sports vernacular, the case was a slam dunk.  

It did not matter that Hunter is the son of the president of the United States. Or that the first lady Jill Biden, was a hovering presence in the courtroom from day one. Or that the accused was represented by one of America’s premiere trial lawyers.


In the end, there was no defending the indefensible. But that did not stop Hunter’s attorney from trying. Lawyer extraordinaire, Abbe Lowell, employed every slight-of-hand and clever feint to cast reasonable doubt. He parsed the meaning of words (past tense vs. present tense) like a pedantic schoolteacher conjugating irregular verbs.       

The primary defense was a near-comical assault on credulity. That is, Hunter was a typical drug addict who was so addled that he convinced himself he was not, and he was therefore incapable of knowingly lying

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