Hundreds rally for abortion rights at Montana Capitol

Nolan Lister

Nearly 300 people gathered at Montana’s Capitol Tuesday to protest the ongoing dismantling of reproductive rights in the state and across the country, following a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion indicating that the historic Roe v. Wade ruling will likely be overturned. 

“It’s very frightening,” Helena resident Beth Cottingham said in an interview following the protest. “This has been a right for 49 years, and its only the beginning.”

The Supreme Court Justices are expected in June to overturn the 50-year-old landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that guarantees the federal right to abortion, and a possible Republican supermajority in the state Legislature will likely push stricter state laws on abortion.

Three laws passed in 2021 altering access to abortion in Montana are now in limbo while a Planned Parenthood of Montana lawsuit challenging them is settled.

Helena resident Mary Beth Garding, who also attended Tuesday’s rally, lamented the partisan nature of the issue.

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Montana’s Constitution protects access to abortion, though it’s being challenged in court.

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