Humanities Through Film's second documentary is a 'Capitol' idea

A Humanities Through Film student takes in the state Capitol.

Photo courtesy of Ari Laskin

A film produced by students in this year’s “Humanities Through Film” two-week summer bridge program at Helena College explores the history of the state Capitol and the stories of Montana’s founders.

“Humanities Through Film: A Summer Bridge Program at Helena College” ran from July 11 to July 22 this year. The program accepts juniors and seniors in high school and recent high school graduates and goes from around 9 a.m. to after 3 p.m. each weekday. This year, 13 students attended, four of them returning students.

The program itself is deeply rooted in the humanities.

“Los Angeles is the city of film schools, and there’s all different styles of teaching film production. At most of the schools, there’s a separation of the technical side of film and film history and film theory,” said Dr. Ari Lee Laskin, the program’s director. “When I was in LA, I was part of a school that always tried to intertwine them.”

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