How Transgender Ideology Takes Children Hostage

Jazz Jennings speaks on stage during We Day California in Inglewood, Calif., in 2016. (Danny Moloshok/Reuters) Troubled kids are being encouraged to put their own lives on the line for a misguided worldview.

Taking oneself hostage is a bold move, but sometimes it pays off. It worked for Bart, the hero of Mel Brooks’s classic it-could-never-be-made-today comedy Blazing Saddles, and it just might succeed for the trans-kids movement as well.

Among the latest examples of this gambit is a Variety profile of Jazz Jennings, who became famous after appearing on 20/20 as a six-year-old transgender child in 2007. Attention, accolades, activism, and entrepreneurship followed, including a TLC show, I Am Jazz, that is about to enter a seventh season, after a couple of years off for Jennings to deal with “burnout, depression, and anxiety.” Now, Jazz is back, but Variety’s paeon to Jennings and other trans kids inadvertently reveals the dangers of transgender ideology and the movement it fuels.

The piece presents Jazz and other trans icons and advocates as lifesavers, on the premise that trans-identifying children will kill themselves without affirmation and transition treatments. The article claims that laws restricting minors’ access to medical

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