How to take back Woke U: A guide for alumni, governors, parents and students

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For the last number of years, I have sat back in shock as the colleges and universities of our nation have gone more and more “Woke” with each passing month.

Shock, not because the far-left professors, administrators, and presidents – who, by blatant and often illegal discrimination against conservatives, Republicans, and people of faith have come to dominate those institutions – but rather because wealthy alumni, local politicians, parents and students have allowed those often-tenured leftists and anarchists to destroy their once great places of higher learning.

For these last few years, I have spoken with various wealthy alumni, local politicians, parents and students and repeated the same message over and over: “You have the power to stop ‘Woke U’ in its tracks right now. Today. Realize it and exercise it.”

State governors and local politicians should immediately determine which massive tax breaks can be taken away from “Woke U” – and then take them away. (Fox News Digital)

First, with regard to wealthy alumni. They should not only immediately stop giving to the once great school which granted them a diploma, but reach out to other alumni who donate and encourage them to immediately stop giving

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