How to mess with an oligarch


Corruption: you hate it, right?

It’s one of the few political problems that unites people across the political spectrum, and across the globe. But how can we actually fight corruption on a meaningful scale?

Whether it’s in Kazakhstan or the United States, a dictator or a stock trader, there’s a common financial thread: secrecy. Paul Massaro, adviser to the bipartisan Helsinki Commission in Congress, told POLITICO’s Global Insider podcast there’s no way to defeat corruption without exposing money flows.

Foreign and domestic crises are linked

“It’s really important that we not lose sight of the fact that our domestic and foreign crises are inextricably linked. It all comes back to the fact that we have these global corrupt networks that traverse multiple countries that are being abused, exploited by dictators, in many cases built by dictators, who are looking to undermine democracy. They require enablers in the west, to help them to do so. And these include lobbyists, lawyers, real estate

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