How to keep geraniums from year to year

Most gardeners are a bit thrifty by nature, growing their own vegetables or making more perennials by dividing existing plants. But did you hear about the guy who was so cheap he bragged to his wife about saving a dollar by running home from work behind the bus instead of riding? His wife replied that he could have saved $15 if he had waited and ran behind a taxi.

One way for gardeners to save money is by bringing geraniums indoors for winter instead of letting them freeze. This isn’t meant to reduce the profits of our hardworking garden centers. Instead, if we save our own geraniums for next spring, we can spend that money on other plants, trees and shrubs.

There are two general ways to keep geraniums from year to year. You can bring the original plants indoors, or you can start new plants from cuttings. Or a combination.

The original plants can be kept indoors by several methods. Some gardeners move their potted geraniums to a cool spot in the basement, where they remain partially dormant during winter with minimal watering, and are brought back into active growth in spring. A few gardeners follow the

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