How philanthropy creates a bright future in Big Sky country

Photo provided by the Montana Community Foundation

With natural beauty, vast wildlife and breathtaking topography, Montana is one of the nation’s gems. What keeps the Treasure State strong, however, is its vibrant communities and the people who prop them up.

A philanthropic organization with a 35-year track record, the Montana Community Foundation aims to help the state thrive and create a culture of giving. 

“The Montana Community Foundation is all about Montana,” said Mary K. Rutherford, the foundation’s president and CEO. “We are an informed organization that has a sense of community challenges, state-wide challenges, organizations that are working to address those challenges.

“Our role is to be the conduit for people who want to support a specific cause or have a general idea — wanting to help in the arts in Montana, would be an example — of how they want to impact our state through philanthropy,” she said. “We can be a trusted adviser to help their giving.”

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