How Not to De-Trumpify the GOP

Former President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Cullman, Ala., August 21, 2021. (Marvin Gentry/Reuters) Jonah Goldberg’s plan to create a conservative third party would likely exacerbate the problems it’s meant to solve.

In the Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg proposes that the best way to fix the now-terminally “Trumpified” GOP is to establish a competitive third party that would serve either to purge the Republicans of their flaws via the existing primary process or to hand power to their opponents until they are finally encouraged to do better. The key, Jonah explains, is to “create pressure outside of” the party’s ranks, and, thereby, to give Republicans a choice between sobering up or facing electoral destruction. The new party, he submits, would adopt “a simple, Reaganite conservative platform combined with a serious plank to defend the soundness of elections.” “If a Republican candidate met its requirements” the new party would “endorse the Republican.” If the candidate was deemed unacceptable, it would not. And if the Republicans failed to nominate enough candidates that were to the new party’s liking? Well, then it would “play the role of spoiler by garnering enough conservative votes in the

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