How my son Peter Doocy was almost named after a city in Tennessee

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Editor’s note: Steve and Kathy Doocy’s brand new “The Simply Happy Cookbook,” is not only a filled with easy, delicious, stress-free recipes—it’s also a family memoir with heartwarming and sometimes hilarious stories. Here’s one of them…

With each of our cookbooks we try to keep the names of our recipes simple, so that as soon as you read them you’ll have a pretty good idea what ingredients are involved. Creamy Crusted Horseradish Salmon leaves little to the imagination. However, our Dental Hygienist Pot Roast from our first cookbook might have confused some home cooks.

So names are important to us, but of course the toughest decisions were what to call our kids. Before Kathy and I got married, she was friends with a very famous movie star who shall remain nameless (unless you ask me after I’ve had a few drinks), and they named their kids after important figures from literary history.

When we found out Kathy was pregnant with our first child—the one who’s now a very famous White House correspondent—we started searching for the perfect name. 

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy speaks in front of the White House. (Fox

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