How Much Money Did Montanans Wager on the Brawl of the Wild?

Nothing gets the blood pumping like doing a little gambling. There’s just something about that amazing feeling you get when everything lines up and you instantly have more money than you did just moments earlier. My favorite is when your slot machine in Vegas starts flashing and making so much noise that you become the attraction that everybody has to get a glimpse of. It’s just a good feeling when you’re able to start placing bets with the house’s money, that’s when it really gets fun!

It doesn’t provide quite the same visual stimulation as those fun slot machines in Vegas but betting on sports is probably my second favorite (and equally frustrating) way to gamble a few bucks. You can watch a game with two teams you don’t even care about and it’ll have you glued to the tv as you pray for things to fall your way. And since sports betting in Montana is now legalized it only makes sense that the Brawl of the Wild would see some serious action from Montana bettors.

Sports betting in Montana was legalized in May of 2019 and fans have been able to officially place wagers since March of 2020. A KPAX story says that in

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