How marriage rates have changed in Montana

Marriage rates in the U.S. have been on the decline for several decades. Giggster looked at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention marriage rate data in Montana, you can read the national story here.

Cultural critics and numerous sociologists have bemoaned declining marriage rates, citing concern over the deterioration of the traditional family structure and what it could mean for raising children. A more holistic look suggests numerous factors for variations in marriage rates—from women gaining more equity in the workplace and on their paychecks to normal fluctuations occurring around major historical events, such as constricted rates during the Great Depression and a doubling of marriage rates in the U.S. by the end of World War II.

Southern states maintain higher marriage rates on average than states in the Northeast; while Montana is the only state that has seen an increase in marriage rates since 1990. Keep reading to find out why that might be the case, and discover more key insights about how marriage rates have changed over the last several decades.

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