How Hunter Biden’s treatment by Justice Department dramatically differs from similar gun, corruption cases

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No one can claim surprise that the law is finally catching up to Hunter Biden. I’ve warned before that this could be “one of the biggest political scandals in American history,” and we have just witnessed the first time a son of a sitting U.S. president has been criminally indicted. 

While this is significant news, mark my words, this is only the beginning of the rest of the story.

Most concerning to me as a former federal prosecutor is watching the Department of Justice (DOJ) muddle through a five-year investigation while staring at such overwhelming evidence of corruption and serious criminal conduct. 

Hunter Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland (Drew Angerer/Getty Images | Greg Nash/Pool/AFP/Getty Images)

Contrary to this case, DOJ traditionally offers an unforgiving, hard line on firearms cases, in adherence to Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a national task force created within the DOJ more than 20 years ago to crack down on such cases. 


PSN was adopted by every attorney general, including Merrick Garland, and together many of us are responsible for thousands of Americans serving an average 40 months in federal prison for similar firearms charges. 

I personally presented

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