How abortion is playing into Virginia’s primary elections today

The battle over abortion rights is framing some of the marquee legislative battles going down this year in Virginia.

The results of Tuesday’s Virginia primary elections will set the stage for the most high-stakes legislative races of 2023. All 140 seats are up for election, and many members are either resigning or running for a new office due to redistricting.

Democrats hold a slim majority in the state Senate, while the GOP has a narrow control of the state House. Both chambers have been marked as top targets by national Democratic and Republican groups, and the GOP is being bolstered by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who is raising millions of dollars in support of holding the House and flipping the Senate.

With a split legislature, the Republican governor has faced roadblocks in passing some of his top priorities — including a proposed 15-week abortion ban. Democrats in the state Senate stymied that effort earlier this

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