How a Lost Love Taught Me the Value of Money

Five bucks. That’s what my beloved Josh put on the offering plate when visiting a friend’s church years ago. It’s not a lot of money, but it was a lot of money to Josh, as he was paying off debt and preparing for life as a missionary pilot. He was also saving up for an engagement ring.

But Joshua never made it to the mission field. At least, not the mission field he dreamed of, and he never made it down on one knee to propose either. Tragically, he died in a single-engine plane crash two months shy of his twenty-ninth birthday.

Remarkably, Josh managed to fit a lot into his almost twenty-nine years. A brush with death a few years before his fatal flight forced him to confront his mortality sooner than most people do. The effect was palpable. Josh was a man on mission, and he never let a moment go to waste.

Like that $5 bill he left on the offering plate, Josh didn’t let opportunities to help others pass him by—not even when he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt from college and flight school. He always hunted for a bargain so he could do more good

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