HOUSMAN: Michael Jordan Was A Failure — Good Riddance!

Life is hard for us Charlotte sports fans.

The Panthers have suffered two heartbreaking Super Bowl losses and struggle to string together winning seasons, the Hornets were ripped away from us and replaced with the Bobcats, the most irrelevant franchise in the NBA, and baseball still won’t give us the Rays. That’s why the promise of Michael Jordan — the greatest basketball player to ever live and one of the best athletes in American history — purchasing the Charlotte Hornets generated so much hope.

BREAKING: Michael Jordan is officially selling the Charlotte Hornets, per @wojespn.

MJ bought the team for $180 million in 2010, and the franchise is now worth $1.77 billion.

He was the NBA’s only Black majority owner. pic.twitter.com/5K57hEw3Ca

— Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano) June 16, 2023

Jordan bought a minority stake in the then-Bobcats in 2006, taking over the organization’s basketball operations. He became majority owner in March 2010.

It was a historic occasion: Jordan was the first former player to own a franchise in the NBA and the first black majority owner in an almost-entirely black league. Charlotte fans believed Jordan’s basketball experience, iconic brand and influence within the sport would lead the franchise from the doldrums

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