House Republicans will keep you safe from Biden’s disastrous border policies

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There’s one word that accurately describes the last two years of our homeland security under unilateral Democrat rule: disastrous. From our southern border to our cyber security, the United States is in a state of crisis. As the newly selected chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, we will fight to secure our homeland. We will work day and night to keep the American people safe and hold President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable. 
Our southern border has seen a breakdown of law and order, a humanitarian crisis, and has become a gateway for narcotics coming from Latin America and China. Undoubtedly, Biden’s open borders policies have been the worst border policies in American history. In less than two years, the Biden administration has overseen the illegal border crossings of nearly 4 million people. And because this same administration has gutted our Border Patrol’s ability to operate at maximum efficiency, 900,000 of those individuals are “got-aways.” This is a national security crisis, and House Republicans will address it as such.  
First and foremost, we will fight to give our Border Patrol the tools they need to stop the unprecedented amount of human

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