Horsepower: Victor couple's horses help them savor life in the Bitterroot

Life moves at a different pace at the Hackett place.

Just up off Bear Creek Road west of Victor and not far from where his great, great grandfather first settled in the Bitterroot Valley, Scott and his wife, Diane Bessler-Hackett, do what they can to savor every moment.

Scott Hackett has been driving teams of horses since he was a boy. He and his wife, Diane Bessler-Hackett, enjoy using their teams for a variety of work on their ranch west of Victor.

Perry Backus

On a day when the sky seems endlessly blue and etched with ribbons of clouds, the couple’s team — a pair of jet-black Percheron-cross horses named Blacky and Roxie — wait patiently tied to a hitching rail outside the shed for their afternoon chore.

With a long red ribbon tied to her green halter, Roxie’s young filly that the couple named Mouse wanders free to look for someone willing to give her a quick rub between the ears.

Just down the lane, a small herd of calves stands staring through the barbwire fence in hopes that their evening meal of deep-green

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