Hope for the Hollers

Editor’s note: this piece was authored by Jessica Dobrinsky.

As the war for educational choice rages on across the nation, all eyes turn towards West Virginia. 

Parents who were left without schooling options one month before the start of the school year await the Supreme Court’s decision on the Hope Scholarship injunction, set to be released October 21st. By ruling in favor of choice, the Supreme Court would protect the greatest equalizer to educational disparities.

The case moved to the Supreme Court after the state’s Intermediate Court of Appeals denied motions to stay a ruling by the Kanawha County Circuit Court which handed down a preliminary and permanent injunction on the Hope Scholarship in July. This injunction effectively nixed the first education saving account (ESA) in West Virginia, leaving families in the Mountain State scrambling to figure out how to educate their children. Now the West Virginia Supreme Court must decide whether to nullify that injunction and uphold educational equality across the Mountain State. Parents are holding their breath. 

The quality of public education in West Virginia has seen a rapid decline in the past two years. Just this week, 21 public schools in West Virginia, spanning 16 counties, were identified as

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