Hooked on salmon: Fall chinook snagging draws anglers to Fort Peck Reservoir

With a mighty yank, the treble hook cut through the water, stabbing itself firmly into the chinook salmon’s muscular back. The age old dance between man and fish had begun.

With his prize on the line, fisherman Larry DiLulo, who farms on the Hi-Line, began the delicate tango of landing a massive fish.

He started off slowly, two-stepping up and down the floating dock, his calloused hands keeping the rod upright. But the fish on the other end struggled to take the lead from DiLulo and flee.

Angler Larry DiLulo keeps his fishing rod held high as he fights to land a chinook salmon he snagged while fishing at Fort Peck Reservoir on Oct. 20.

BRETT FRENCH, Billings Gazette

DiLulo followed the fish’s lead, traversing the dock again, his arched fishing rod held high, keeping the salmon in front of him at all times. When the time was right, he reeled, shortening the distance between him and the fish.

Every so often, he would pause, readjust his rod, and begin again. Just as it seemed one of them would give up, a sharp

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