Holy Cow! Arena Football Referee Gets Absolutely Mack Truck’d And Goes Flying Like He’s Singing R.Kelly

Yikes! My man got steamrolled!

Over the weekend, the Sioux Falls Storm and Tulsa Oilers squared off in what would ultimately lead to a win for the Storm, which moved them closer to a berth in the Indoor Football League playoffs.

And by the way, they played on an outright gorgeous tar black turf.

Here to cover the IFL’s @tulsa_oilers_fb game against the Sioux Falls Storm

The 1-10 Oilers will look to get their first home win of the season pic.twitter.com/BDfM6IxqyK

— Clemente Almanza (@CAlmanza1007) June 17, 2023

The highlight of the game had to come in the second quarter, and that’s what brings us to a flying referee.

Clifton Duck, who formerly played for Appalachian State in college as a defensive back and then spent time with the Chicago Bears in the NFL, intercepted Tulsa’s quarterback in the end zone. As Duck was running the ball back up the field, a referee happened to be in his way, and with Duck not having anywhere to go, well … I’ll just let you watch it for yourself.


Clifton Duck with the INT in the end zone and the Storm are back in business!! pic.twitter.com/cW0p5fd7eR

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