Holter features Soojin Choi: ‘To Be of Seven Minds’


Soojin Choi’s installation, “To Be of Seven Minds,” is on exhibit through July 28.

Soojin Choi, who grew up in South Korea, but now lives and studies in the United States, is exploring the ambiguity of emotions in her installation at the Holter Museum of Art. 

MARGA LINCOLN For the Independent Record

Entering the Holter Museum of Art’s High Gallery, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to a towering green figure looming above — its head bent sideways.

Nearby, two small figures are huddled on the floor. One points a finger. To what?

A few steps away, two figures embrace with limbs intertwined.

Who are they?

An embodiment of love? Lust?

Their facial expressions seem oddly neutral and emotionally detached.

Some figures are just a few body parts or gestures floating along the wall mural.

As one’s

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