Hollywood’s colorblind casting shouldn’t upset left nor right. Here’s why

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Grievance over racial representation in television and movies has become a bipartisan affair. Once squarely the purview of the left, who demanded to see more people of color on screen, now some on the right also feel maligned by the portrayal of White historical figures by non-White actors. 

Recently, we got to see examples of this outrage from both sides, and though the circumstances are different, at the end of the day, the basic complaint is the same. That race should play a bigger role in how our entertainment is produced. What an incredible mistake.

From the Left we got the well-worn complaint that a character, in this case Nani, from the animated series “Lilo & Stitch,” had been cast in the live action version by actress Sydney Agudong, with skin and features that they claim do not embrace the indigenous Hawaiian nature of the original character. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of “Hamilton” on June 12, 2016, in New York City. (Getty Images)

OK, this isn’t new.


What is new, are increasing eruptions from the right over historical characters who were White being played by

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