‘His Street Cred Went Up’: The Unintended Consequences of Outing the GOP Lawmakers at Jan. 6


It didn’t occur to them, not at first, that in the human mass pushing past police barricades around the Capitol, they might see the bald head of a Pennsylvania state senator gliding through the crowd of rioters in a golf cart reserved for “Stop the Steal” VIPs.

Officials at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, DLCC for short, an arm of the party with a staff of about 50 people charged with flipping state houses from red to blue, watched the chaos from home on Twitter and cable TV like most of the country. It wasn’t until hours later that the DLCC’s communications director, Christina Polizzi, noticed the photo making the rounds with Pennsylvania Democrats on Twitter. There he was, smiling into the camera, surrounded by protesters, two lanyards hanging from his neck, an arm draped around former state Republican Rep. Rick Saccone, who posted the picture to his Facebook: the senator for the 33rd District of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano. “Bumped into fellow patriot Doug Mastriano at the front of the capitol. What do you think?” Saccone wrote in the caption.

Polizzi tapped out a message to her boss: “Tomorrow I think we should call on that PA

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