‘His life was threatened.’ But Pence isn't talking about it.

PEORIA, Ariz. — A room full of establishment-minded Republicans greeted Mike Pence here on Friday, many of them still chilled by the Jan. 6 committee’s revelations the previous evening about how close Pence and his security detail came to catastrophe during the riot at the Capitol in 2021.

They’d heard about the protesters who chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” and, according to committee testimony, then-President Donald Trump’s view that Pence deserved it.

Yet in an air-conditioned warehouse in the Phoenix suburbs, where Pence is engaged in a proxy war with Trump over the result of Arizona’s Aug. 2 gubernatorial primary, Pence didn’t mention any of that — or anything negative about Trump at all. And no one was surprised.

“Wow, what a great day,” Pence said when he stepped on stage.

For several days, the Trump-Pence split screen has been built up as not only a major swing state contest with implications for November,

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