Hillary Clinton claims 'no one is above the law'—except her

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It’s tawdry enough that Hillary Clinton is hawking $30 hats flaunting, “But her emails.”  

She also had the temerity to tweet, “The fact is that I had zero emails that were classified.” That breathtaking lie was followed by a Sunday appearance on CNN in which Clinton claimed —with a straight face—”No one is above the law and no one should be escaping accountability.”    

That’s like a bank robber scolding others for their heists. But Hillary can’t resist insinuating herself into the Donald Trump classified documents debate and inveighing against the man who deprived her of the presidency. She’ll never get over it.      

You’ll recall that in 2016 Clinton escaped accountability (i.e., prosecution) in her email scandal despite a cascade of crimes clearly committed. That coup reinforced her twisted view that only she is above the law. James Comey, then FBI Director, abetted Hillary’s corrupt behavior when he absolved her of wrongdoing by mangling the law and usurping the power of the attorney general.


Comey knew that Clinton had egregiously compromised national security and, in the process, committed a myriad of felonies under the Espionage Act

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