High Property Taxes – The Subject of KGVO's Friday City Talk

Friday’s one hour Talk Back program was aptly named ‘City Talk’, due to the subject matter being discussed; property taxes.

(read to the end of the story to see some light at the end of the property tax tunnel.)

The guests in the KGVO studio included City of Missoula Communications Director Ginny Merriam, City Councilor Gwen Jones and Leigh Griffing, City of Missoula Finance Director.

Griffing started the conversation with a brief explanation of Missoula property taxes.

“So if you’re a property owner within the city of Missoula, you will receive a tax bill every year,” said Griffing. “Only a portion of that will be from the city to pay for city operations. We’re talking about streets and police and fire and so forth. But then the rest of your property tax bill will be coming to support the local schools; to support the county and all of their respective operations.”

Griffing explained the constraints placed upon the city as to how much property taxes can be raised from year to year.

“The city can only increase by half of the rate of the average of the last three years inflation,” she said. “But then if your property was valued by the Department of Revenue, and

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