Hey Merrick! Parents are Not 'Terrorists'


Posted: Oct 08, 2021 12:01 AM

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I never thought I would write the following words, but America owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mitch McConnell. The GOP leader in the Senate used rare parliamentary procedures in 2016 to keep a Supreme Court vacancy open until the voters selected our next President…who thankfully turned out to be Donald J. Trump. (And McConnell point-blank told Barack Obama—who had nominated a so-called “moderate” federal judge named Merrick Garland—that the Senate would not be confirming that selection.)

So Merrick Garland never made it onto the U.S. Supreme Court…  something for which we should all thank the Lord on a daily basis. Especially given Garland’s nutty action this week essentially branding parents of school-age children as “terrorists” for voicing curriculum concerns to their local school board members (a/k/a fraidy-cat  snowflakes.)

Elevated by Joe Biden (or more likely his behind the scenes handlers) from washed-up Supreme Court nominee to Attorney General of the United States, Garland just issued a memorandum to FBI agents and law

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