‘Hey Chef, Do You Wanna Cut This Up For Her?’: Kendall Jenner’s Epic Kitchen Fail Even Has Her Mom Worried

Kendall Jenner struggled to chop up a cucumber during Episode 5 of “The Kardashians,” and her epic fail prompted Kris Jenner to request assistance from their chef.

The short clip of Kendall’s bizarre struggle with a cucumber has quickly taken the internet by storm, leading many fans to mock Jenner’s privileged lifestyle, and her seemingly complete inability to carry out the most routine tasks in the kitchen.

The awkward moment began with Kris asking Kendall if she wanted the chef to make her a snack, to which she confidently responded, “I’m making it myself, just gonna chop up some cucumber, it’s pretty easy,” according to a video clip posted by E!News.

As it turns out, cutting a cucumber wasn’t easy for her at all. “I’m definitely not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me,” Kendall said in the video, eventually admitting defeat.

The video showed Kendall visibly struggling to hold the cucumber in place. She put her left hand on the edge of the cucumber, fumbled with a huge butcher knife, and then shifted her left hand to the other end of the cucumber. With this strange hand placement, Kendall’s arms were criss-crossed over the vegetable as

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