Here’s why I call New Democrat Coalition the ‘Can Do Caucus’

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In the 2022 Midterm election, voters were clear: they rejected far-right extremism and embraced mainstream Democrats focused on bipartisanship and delivering real results for the American people. The vast majority of these Democrats are part of the nearly 100 Member, center-left New Democrat Coalition in the House. As the Chair of the Coalition, I know firsthand how hard our Members are working to break through the gridlock in Washington to make a difference in Americans’ lives. That’s why I call New Dems the “Can Do Caucus.”

Now, it’s incumbent on our Members who defended, flipped, and won competitive races – ultimately fighting off the much heralded ‘red wave’ – to reach across the aisle to address the issues Americans care about most. While we’ll work every day to win back the majority in 2024, we also know the challenges facing our nation are too great to wait until then. 

That’s why New Dems are committed to finding ways to work with reasonable Republicans to deliver on issues such as addressing the debt ceiling, reforming our immigration system, investing in workforce development, tackling the substance use disorder and mental health crises, and so much more.

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